Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bathtub Fun

They love taking baths together.

Sarah decided to eat a gingerbread cookie... Lets just say she got REALLY messy. It was really funny though.

James likes to swim

Sarah explains herself.


J and Heather said...

Katie, how are ya doing? This is your long lost friend Heather from Moapa. I saw your link on Felicia's blog so I hope you don't mind that I say HELLO!! You have the two cutest kids. And I am sure you are an amazing mom.

Krystal said...

cute! I had no idea you had a blog :)

Steve said...

So I actually did not know you had a blog. These are fun pictures. I remember baths being so much fun as a kid. Oh to be young again. That looks like a good mess Sarah made. Tell Levi hi! See you guys at Christmas! Krystal and I thought it's be a good idea to have a cheese fondue get together in the evening(whenever works for schedules). Early enough that kids won't need to go home. Is any time/day better for you and Levi?